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Tea- Dining @ TWG Cafe, Pavillion

TWG is the cafe replacing the Cafe Stelle in Pavillion and few Sundays ago, we make a trip down to have a look on this cafe in view that Hubby likes their tea very much. Might be our expectation is too high, I find that the cafe is little crowded with not much walkway between the tables hence lack of privacy and is not child friendly. It is rather impossible to keep your stroller next to you when dining there. Hence, we change our mind and have our meals in another place. However on one weekday after our work, we decided to give it a try and as Baby is not with us, it is more easier for us.

One thing that TWG have is their impressive tea menu. There are just too many selection for you to choose from:

Two pages out of many more on their tea selection.

We ordered this for dinner:

Hub’s Wagyu Beef burger

My Salad

Their food menu are rather limited and is on the light side. With either salad, breakfast menu, burgers as their main selection. On top of that, their menu pricing are rather on the high side.

Overall, I find it rather pricey and it does’t offer wht I m looking for with the price that I m paying. Will I be going there again? I don’t think so … Not at this juncture.

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Hsiau Wei

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